From August 6th: Covid-19 Green Certification Required

Starting from Friday August 6th, in order to access the Museum of Dante’s House visitors will have to show their Covid-19 Green Certificate (Green Pass or other equivalent certifications).

The museum staff in charge of checking the documentation will have to ask for the certificatation (in digital or printable format) and an ID for each visitor, in order to verify their actual ownership.

We kindly ask you to arrive at the museum with the required documentation ready to be checked by our staff, so as to expedite the access to the museum.

Do not forget that kids under 12 and exempt people are not required to have a Covid-19 Green Certification to visit the museum. In order to receive a Green Certification you either must:

  • be vaccinated;
  • have tested negative for a Covid-19 in the 48 hours prior to the visit;
  • have recovered from Covid-19 in the last six months.

For additional info click here.