Museo Casa di Dante

Dante’s House Museum

The history

Since 1950, the foundation of a Florentine museum dedicated to the Supreme Poet was a top priority for the Unione Fiorentina association.
In 1960, in anticipation of the 700th anniversary of Dante’s birthday, the Unione Fiorentina (consistent with its purpose of enhancing the city) asked and received permission to found a museum inside the premises of Dante’s house (which, at the time, housed municipal offices).
The museum spaces, designed and set up by the Associazione Culturale Unione Fiorentina, opened their doors to the public in May 1965, thanks to the contribution of a few meritorious institutions such as Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, Azienda del Turismo, Associazione Industriali, the City of Florence and the Ministry of Public Education along with well-known figures of the Italian cultural environment, including renowned Dante scholar professor Francesco Mazzoni.
Since June 24th 2020, the Dante’s House Museum has a new technological and multimedia set up which allows visitors to discover, in a more engaging and interactive manner, the life and works of one of the most important figures in Italian and world literature: Dante Alighieri.
By running, preserving and managing the Dante’s House Museum, the fundamental purpose of the Unione Fiorentina is, today as it always has been since its foundation, to spread knowledge of Dante’s works and life as well as the medieval Florence he lived in.

Museum's structure

First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor