On the occasion of the last show organized by the Unione Fiorentina under his presidency, Sen. Luciano Bausi wrote about the necessity to refuse to let the things of the past be consumed like this without leaving a memory behind… not only for those who have the right to be remembered, but also for the richness of spirit and gratitude of us who have the duty to remember.

The Unione Fiorentina, sensitive since the beginning to the authentic values of our civilization, has for many years brought Florence to the forefront of international art and culture.

The Founder
Enrico Barfucci

The first forty years


Right after the end of World War II, the founder Enrico Barfucci felt the need to unite all the energies capable of working together for the rebirth of Florence. In 1945 he founded the Incontro (“meeting”) association, which his old friends (Papini, Bargellini) joined, for the purpose of bringing together for conversation people from all walks of life, from intellectuals to manual workers, creating occasions for gathering and exchanging ideas about the problems facing the city.

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