The Divine Comedy

The Original Editions

The third and top floor presents a blowup of the Divine Comedy flanked by three color reproductions of the three canticles that make up the poem. This room, situated on the porch of the tower house, is a great attraction for visitors because of the beauty and complexity of the work. The original books in the side showcases are very rare and valuable.

The case on the left contains a copy of the Divine Comedy from the Trivulziano Codex of 1337; the smallest edition of the Divine Comedy legible to the human eye, made in 1899; the Divine Comedy annotated and commented by Niccolò Tommaseo of 1865; and the Caetani Codex of the Divine Comedy with marginal gloss by Marsilio Ficino. In the case on the right is La Vita Nuova illustrated by Vittorio Grassi, published by the Banca Italiana di Sconto for the sixth centenary of Dante’s death.

Codice PalatinoJewellery

The Wife and the Notar

The final room in the museum is no less important than the others: here are reproductions of two outfits, hand-embroidered and richly adorned with jewels, fine fabrics, and furs, representing a noble bride and a notary. A tour through the Museum of Dante’s House is an unforgettable experience that helps visitors learn more about one of the most important authors of Italian literature and immerses then in a medieval atmosphere.
Ancient Gowns