From the forest dark to straightforward pathway… The Divine Comedy in Romano Dini’s works. From July 5th 2018 to January 20th 2019.

The sculptor Romano Dini entartained us with a very special lecture of the Divine Comedy, through the most important episodes and characters of this masterpiece.

Deeply inspired by the sorrounding landscape, Tuscany (his native land), Romano Dini was able to develop his artistic genius giving strength and voice to the characters, that we meet for the first time at school.

Romano Dini began this journey to tell us of what it meant for him this artistic project and his will to express and share intense and strong emotions.

He was born in Laterina in 1955, but he lives and works in Moncioni (small village in Montevarchi), old hamlet at the bottom of Chianti hills.
His works are exposed in major museums and prestigious private collections, in Italy and abroad, for which he received many national prizes.